Hi, I am Kyle McDonald.

I am an award-winning photographer from the Tampa-St. Pete area. I'm a Florida native, with parents from upstate NY. I got married to my wife, Brita just before the pandemic pushed the breaks on weddings.

The first wedding I photographed was for a friend in 2009, and after seeing their reaction, I knew I was hooked. I upgraded my gear, did some studying, and lots of practice. I worked for a portrait studio for 8 of those years, and now I'm happy to be my own boss.

In past jobs, I've worked in restaurants as a busboy, server, cook, & pastry chef. I left that game in 2014, after trying to juggle 2 full-time jobs and my own business; what a crazy time! I like working hard and feeling a sense of accomplishment, and I'm so excited to be at a point where I can fully focus my efforts.

Interests include: Scuba, Biking, Drone flying (non-professionally), Marksmanship, Painting when there's wine, Craft Beer, Scotch, Guitar, Boating, Woodworking, Travel (esp. Europe), Backpacking, Camping, Apple Products, advanced culinary techniques, and of course; cameras.



“Kyle has been our go-to photographer for our personal and family portraits for many reasons. His photos are high quality, he takes his time to capture the essence of every session, he is incredibly professional, easy to communicate with, and is a natural at capturing that perfect moment. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a photographer to capture your precious memories!”